Best Pillows for Neck Pain and Headaches in 2019

Wrong pillow selection is one of the major reasons for people with neck pain and headache. Pillow that offers sufficient support and pressure relief point can significantly enhance the sleep quality and puts less strain.

Pillow loft is an essential consideration for all types of sleepers, mainly those with a frequent headache and neck pain. A too thin pillow can cause the head to lean too far, twisting in uncomforted posture and putting pressure on the shoulders and neck.

On the other hand, an extremely thick pillow affects the alignment of the neck and spine. Some pillows offer closer compliant and better pressure relief than others. It also affects the sleep quality because of temperature neutrality.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Chronic neck pain is a common type of neck pain and is mostly caused due to the wrong posture; however, the cause of more exact forms of a headache & neck pain is very tricky to diagnose. Some major causes of neck pain are:

Muscle Strain: Wrong choice of pillow put extra pressure on muscles and leads to many other health issues. Neck muscles are mainly prone to strain easily due to the uncomfortable posture when standing, sleeping, and sitting.

Joint deterioration: Every joint in the body is vulnerable to deterioration due to wrong sleeping component and old age. Particularly the joints of the neck are very susceptible and can deteriorate easily resulting in the bones to twist painfully.

Bodily Injury: Neck pain & headache is one of the mostly suffered health problems which leads to anxiety and pressure for the entire day. Accidents can result in nerve compression, herniated disks, whiplash, and a life-threatening fracture.

Disease: Diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis are commonly related to chronic neck pain, shoulder pain, and headache.

How Does Neck Pain Affect My Sleep?

Neck pain and headache cause anxiety and discomfort which affects our sleep quality and lead to many sleepless nights. Individual experiences to pain and insufficient sleep differ from person to person according to the sleeping factor and type. The research shows that incorrect twist to shoulder and a neck muscle contributes to chronic neck pain in people getting bad sleep quality.

Best Pillows in 2019

1. Standard Memory Foam Pillow: It is a combination of original visco elastic memory foam and pressure relief point that regulates the firmness that is perfect for your sleeping position. The cover of memory foam is made of a polyester-rayon which is machine-washable. The knit cover is dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic, so it’s ideal and absolutely safe.

2. Contour Memory Foam Orthopedic pillow: This contour memory foam pillow conforms to the natural structure of the neck and shoulder curvature. This minimizes the pressure on the neck and head and alleviates the neck pain and headache with proper spine alignment. The ergonomic design of contour pillow has a curve design in the middle matching to the neck shape that upholds the straight alignment, helps promote better blood circulation, and ease soreness.

3. Bamboo shredded Memory Foam Pillow: This orthopedic bamboo pillow is an amalgamation of high-density shredded memory foam filling and bamboo-based viscose outer shell to offer ultimate comfort. Bamboo pillow upholds the neutral curvature of the neck and gently minimizes the pressure. This pillow can be customized/ adjusted according to the sleep needs and type to maintain proper support and relaxation. The Bamboo pillow is firm yet comfy that reduces spine and neck strain and alleviates asthma, snoring, insomnia, and migraines.

4. Hypoallergenic cool Memory Foam Pillow: The cooling gel technology in memory foam pillow absorbs the body temperature and creates a neutral temperature and molding according to natural sleeping position. Memory foam pillow is completely comfortable and adjustable and thus, perfect for all types of sleepers. The high-quality knit cover is hypoallergenic and dust-mint resistant to ensure complete safety and relaxation.

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