Is a Soft Pillow Causing Neck Pain?

It’s imperative to know that soft pillows do not cause any neck pain. In fact, for the stomach sleepers, thin/low loft and soft pillows are mostly recommended. People suffer from neck pain when they match the wrong sleeping position with a too-soft pillow. Combination of wrong pillow and wrong sleeping position definitely worsens the sleep quality and leads to other health problems too.

When you sleep without a pillow on your side position, nothing is supporting your neck, leading to discomfort and sleepless nights. Also, your neck bends or slopes downward, twisting it in a wrong spinal alignment and causing neck pain and other issues too. On the other hand, sleeping on your side with a very soft pillow might not be supportive enough. The weight of the head deeply sinks into the pillow, causing the pillow to twist in the wrong position. Side sleepers suffer from neck pain often due to a soft pillow. There are also many other risks associated with using the wrong pillow.

What’s the sleeping position and suitable pillow for reducing neck pain?

• Side Sleepers: If you sleep on your side, you need a firmer pillow of medium height to give enough support to the neck and for appropriate spine alignment. The contour memory foam pillow is the ideal choice for the side sleeper. The curve of the pillow perfectly curdles to the neck and shoulder curvature by upholding the proper spine alignment. Moreover, an orthopedic contour pillow with a head area and added padding can provide proper support and comfort.

• Back Sleepers: The person who prefers sleeping on their back requires a firm pillow that provides better support to sleep on while maintaining the spine alignment. Memory foam pillow with contour loft is ideal support for the back sleepers.

• Mixed Sleepers: The combined sleeper requires an adjustable and adaptable pillow that adapts to any sleep position. The infused gel memory foam pillow is ideal for the mixed sleeper since it adapts to the body temperature and sleep posture to accordingly mold in the most comfortable sleeping posture. Also, it generates a supportive surface to sleep on all night.

• Stomach Sleepers: People who prefer to sleep facing their tummy need a soft and thin pillow. However, sometimes even with the right pillow, you might still experience severe neck pain and discomfort since the neck is not properly aligned with the spine.

The bamboo memory pillow that is adjustable and customizable is the best pillow for the stomach sleeper.

Does this Mean You Should Stop Sleeping on Your Side?

Not actually! This is because pillow choices and sleeping position goes hand in hand. In fact, side sleeping comes with lots of health benefits and is considered as the healthiest sleeping position to sleep in. Side sleeping can actually alleviate many health problems like acid reflux, back pain, stiffness by perfectly aligning the spine.

This position is also helpful for pregnant women and for baby’s health. The person who suffers from snoring problems also gets benefited by sleeping on their side position. It’s also the sleep position you want to be in if you’re a snorer.

For More Support!

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