Best Pillow for Neck Pain that Supports your Sleeping Position!

Neck pain or Neck stiffness can tremendously affect everyday life with anxiety, tension, and pressure. The neck is made up of tendons, muscles, cartilages and seven small bones, thus, it needs proper care. Several factors are considered to enjoy pain-free and relaxed sleeping experience. Usually physicians have found that sleeping component like a wrong pillow is one of the most prominent reasons for neck pain.

Selecting the right pillow provides proper support to neck and head and offers a relaxed sleep position for sound sleep. The Right pillow also helps to ease neck pain and any strain with a wonderful experience and pain-free day.

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How To Choose The Right Pillow?

In the market, there are a large number of pillows for neck pain, all with different features & functions. Thus, finding the best among them is a complex task and various factors should be considered before buying a pillow. Whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper, it’s very important to understand the most suitable pillow that suits your sleep habits.

Sleepsia Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow
• Side Sleepers: If you are a side sleeper, a higher pillow like Sleepsia contour memory foam pillow is best for you. This type of pillow has a contour shape that properly fits the complex structure of the neck and shoulder by maintaining a proper spine alignment.
• Back Sleepers: If you have a habit of sleeping on your back, a pillow that is low offers elevated support for the neck, like the Memory foam pillows with infused gel is the best.
• Stomach Sleepers: If you are a stomach sleeper, the flat pillow is the right choice, like the Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow because it’s adjustable and eco-friendly by reducing the strain. 

Best Pillow for Neck Pain

• Memory Foam: This pillow is adjustable to any sleep position providing a comfortable and sound sleep. With comfort, this pillow also alleviates certain sleep issues like neck pain, snoring, shoulder pain etc.
• Contour Pillow: This pillow is the most recommended one to reduce neck pain and cervical pain. It comes up in contour shape that perfectly fits the neck shape and offers ample support for neck pain.
• Bamboo Pillow: This pillow is totally hypoallergenic and eco-friendly with outer shell bamboo-based cover. It is durable and soft that never goes flat and is adjustable.
• Shredded Pillow: This pillow is a combination of memory foam and pressure relief points. It is extremely helpful for neck pain relief and for offering a comfy sleep.

Sleepsia Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

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How To Find The Best Pillow For Neck Pain?

• Check for perfect support: The pillow you select must support the curvature of the neck and upper part of the back in the sleep position of your choice.
• Total comfort: While purchasing the pillow for your neck pain, ensure that it is totally comfortable for you and has required softness.
• Material quality: The pillow material should be of high-quality to avoid any kind of allergy. Cheaper product tends to get flattened faster, while a better quality pillow is long-lasting and more supportive.
• Hypoallergenic: Ensure that the pillow you purchase is totally hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.
• Know your sleeping need: Before buying the pillow that suits you, analyze your needs and sleeping positions. Choose the pillow that best matches your requirements.

Need More Support?

It is usually recommended to know the exact sleep issues and sleep needs before deciding to purchase a pillow because a wrong pillow can worsen the condition of your neck. Sleepsia, thus provides comprehensive information to better understand your needs and deliver the most suitable pillow for you. Sleepsia brand is completely reliable, durable with a hassle-free delivery process. To purchase the best product from Sleepsia, simply visit the Sleepsia official website and order the pillow that is best suited for you.


Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow: Therapeutic Solution for all Sleep Issues!

The Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is one of the highest selling pillows in the USA due to its terrific outcome and functionality. It helps to deal with numerous health issues like neck pain, insomnia, snoring, tensions, cervical pain, Asthma, allergy, breathing problem, anxiety, migraines etc. With the bamboo-based viscose outer shell, it provides complete protection. The shredded memory foam offers ultimate comfort.

Original Bamboo

Bamboo fabric is totally organic and naturally breathable because of its extraordinary ultra-fine fibers. Bamboo is an Eco-friendly product as it does not require irrigation and it generates textile fibers. Bamboo pillows are tremendously comfortable and adjustable depending on the size and weight. Thick polyurethane and memory foam offer an absolute support and they are high-quality material.

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Cooling Design

The Bamboo memory foam pillow is designed with a combination of bamboo polyester fabric and shredded material which allows proper airflow. Both the materials permit circulation of air to keep you relaxed and cool throughout the night.

Features and Specifications

  • The Bamboo pillow offers ultimate relaxation with better support due to the memory foam.
  • The product keeps you cool all night.
  • Bamboo fabric adapts sweat immediately, making bamboo memory foam pillows naturally temperature controlled and anti-bacterial.
  • Bamboo fabrics are naturally organically designed with no chemical treatments and pesticides.
  • It is completely Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and resistant from dust mint.
  • The knit bamboo cover is easily removable and machine washable to provide complete safety.
  • Bamboo pillows come with a bamboo zipper cover and shredded foam filling which makes it effortless to normalize circulation and adjusts sleep positions for a better sleep experience.
  • The pillow comes with a five-year warranty.

Organic Bamboo Memory Foam

  • The Bamboo Pillow is filled with high-density foam based on the bamboo plant.
  • The bamboo also supports regulating the temperature as it keeps you comfortable and fresh.

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  • The bamboo odor can easily be removed by keeping in the sun for some time or by keeping under a fan for a day or two if you want.
  • The weight of the bamboo memory pillow is slightly more than ordinary pillows, which can be easily customized according to your size and weight by adjusting.

Get Additional Support

Bamboo pillow is highly recommended by the physicians for all kinds of sleep issues. It is also the most popular pillow collection in the US due to its Eco-friendly components. Sleepsia, thus, provides proper details of each product to make it convenient for customers. Sleepsia brand is completely durable, reliable, top-quality with a smooth delivery process. To purchase the product that suits you, simply visit the Sleepsia official website and place the order.

How to Choose the Best Pillow to Avoid Neck Pain?

In America, neck pain is one of the most common chronic ailments with millions of people afflicted with neck pain every year. Neck pain or stiffness leads to a miserable lifestyle or uncomfortable sleep. This is caused by some major choices and one among them is the wrong choice of sleeping components like pillow and mattresses. Researchers found that the right choice can alleviate the neck pain and act as a therapeutic solution.

The neck is fortified by seven small bones, neck muscles, and tendons. While sleeping, those muscles and bones can bend too much or may twist out of the line, which causes neck pain or stiffness.

The right pillow that perfectly suits your sleep type and neck size helps to avoid neck pain. It absorbs the body temperature and position that remains in alignment and provides ultimate comfort. However, selecting the most suitable pillow is a complex task and consists of various factors.

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Choosing the Right Pillow to Avoid Neck Pain

Following are the key relevant factors while selecting the right pillow. Pillow choices are different depending on the need, size, weight, health problems, and preferences. Therefore, you have to consider various pillows before choosing the right pillow.

1. Comfort and Support: The first factor is the comfort and support of the pillow which should be the top priority. The pillow should perfectly support the neck, head, and spine. The pillow should also have the right amount of foam to move freely and change position. Most people want a pillow that is neither too thick or density between a firm and medium is ideal.

2. Sleep Position: Your sleeping position is another important factor to consider when you sleep at night. 

  • If you are a side sleeper, choose a pillow that has a high loft that properly fits the complex shape of the neck and shoulder. It must have the space between the mattresses and neck so that you don’t bend or stress your neck muscles.
  • If you are a back sleeper, choose a pillow that does not slope your head forward. Physicians usually suggest low loft pillow for a back sleeper that reduces pressure from your spine and neck. This conforms to the natural curve.
  • Physicians suggests low loft pillow for a stomach sleeper. This pillow that has low loft provides ample support and comfort. Bamboo is best for the stomach sleeper due to its adjustable features.

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3. Right Filling: The right filling and right size pillow also helps to avoid neck pain. For example, the memory foam pillow molds the body shape accordingly and contour pillow takes the accurate shape of the neck. 

  • Infused gel never goes flat and absorbs temperature immediately to provide support to your neck and head.
  • Infused gel cervical pillow in contour shape perfectly fits the neck shape and creates a perfect fit with a cooling effect. 
  • The shredded pillow is comfortable and soft due to its original memory foam filling which takes total care of health and comfort.
  • The bamboo pillow is hypoallergenic and Eco-friendly in nature to ensure complete safety.

Need Support?

Sleepsia ensures proper delivery of product details. Sleepsia offers memory foam pillows to its customers with a hassle-free delivery process. The brand is known for its durability, reliability, and high-quality products. To purchase the product that suits your need, simply visit the Sleepsia official website and place the order or call at 1800-862-1084 for any queries.

Cushy Gel Infused Bamboo Pillow For a Nourishing Good Night Sleep

Immerse yourself in a good night sleep you’ve been longing for. Premium gel infused contour memory foam pillow with natural bamboo outer cover is the latest in luxury sleeping and are the highest rated pillows in the market.

The premium memory foam reacts to the thermal heat of the body and contours itself around the head to place it comfortably and extend proper alignment and support to the vertebrae.

Bamboo Memory foam Pillows have become widely popular amongst sleepers suffering from sleep apnea and are prescribed by chiropractors and orthopedic experts to patients who are struggling with spondylitis and orthopedic problems.

Temperature And Ventilation
These pillows are well-ventilated due to custom construction of the inner foam that maintains the flow of air and prevents it from getting soggy during hot and humid weather. The pillow maintains an ideal balance between the density and breathability. The cooling gel infused in most of the top of the line products further adds to the comfort and freshness of these pillows.

Hi-Density Memory Foam For Support & Durability
These pillows are made from high quality, high density imported memory foam that retains a “soft” level of firmness your body needs and remains intact in all environments for years to come. The quality imported foam is infused with the Cool Gel for a noticeable cooling effect through the night

Doctor Recommended Ergonomic Design
Temperature sensitive advanced memory foam uses body heat to activate the molding affect so that your head can sink in slightly. This helps to build support around the head, keeps the back properly aligned, and helps reduce tension on the shoulders.

Antimicrobial And Hypoallergenic Design
Our pillows are free from dust, mites, fungus, bacteria, and other allergens that can be found in other pillows. The pillow keeps all kind of allergy away and it’s the best remedy for allergy suffers free from extraneous odor.

Natural Breathable Bamboo Cover
Bamboo is a natural fabric distinguished for its strength, lightweight, has a cool texture with moisture absorption properties. The breathable effect and coolness of the bamboo fiber keeps the pillow fresh, soft and cool in all weather and helps the body relax and fall asleep faster.

Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and repellant to fungus, bacteria, mites, and also keeps the annoying odors away. Sleepers who are prone to allergies can be at peace as bamboo keeps away the disease-causing bacteria during proximity to the mucous membrane while sleeping.

Bamboo fiber is also highly stain resistant so it can counter those weird looking yellow stains that pop up on a pillow over a long period of usage.

Sleepsia Premium Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows For A Cooler Odorless Comfort!

Sleepsia is a pioneering brand in providing sleep aided solutions and brings to you a whole range of ultra-luxury pillows, lumbar, coccyx, neck and shoulder, orthopedic pillows. Our pillows promise a luxurious hotel-like experience from their double-sided infused gel construction.

The self-healing premium Memory Foam used in the pillows “remembers” the curve of your head and takes an adaptive shape and maintains the right balance between support and comfort.

Sleepsia premium bamboo pillow includes all the benefits of the natural bamboo that stays fresh after long usage. The fabric outer zip cover that is washable and easy to maintain.

You will love our pillows and its backed by a 100% guarantee so in case you are not absolutely satisfied, there is a 30-day return guarantee, no questions asked!