How is Bamboo Orthopedic Pillow with Memory Foam Helpful?

A bamboo orthopedic pillow is a grouping of bamboo-based viscose outer shell with shredded memory foam inside to offer ultimate comfort. This terrific pillow is hypo-allergenic and environmental-friendly that is highly recommended by the Physician to ease the health & sleep issues like snoring, neck pain, breathing problems, asthma, allergy, stiffness, insomnia, TMJ, & migraines.

The Bamboo pillow cover is extremely comfortable and enjoyable to sleep on. The cross-section of the bamboo fiber is made with a variety of micro-gaps and micro-holes causing superior airing and moisture absorption.

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Some specifications of Bamboo Pillow that makes it perfect for you:

Superior Comfort: Bamboo Orthopedic Pillow has an extra breathable micro-vented cover, Organic bamboo fabric, and an advanced Ventilation System that ensures absolute relaxation.

Sleepsia Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow
Ultra soft Shredded Memory Foam: This pillow is ultra soft high-density memory foam designed with premium ventilated extremely soft. Therefore, it offers ultimate comfort and support. It adapts according to your body shape and helps in pain-relief & supportive sleep.

Health benefits: Bamboo memory pillows have several health benefits since it is anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic. The Physicians usually recommend bamboo pillow to patients with neck pain, insomnia, Asthma, breathing problem, stiffness and migraines since it is eco-friendly.

Antimicrobial: The bamboo orthopedic pillow is the perfect choice for everyone due to its antimicrobial properties and principally for people with sensitive skin and allergies. It also protects against bacteria, fungus, dust mites, and other allergies for a pain-free sleep.

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Perfect for all sleeping positions: Irrespective of your sleep positions, the orthopedic pillow offers great support.

Flexible: Bamboo pillow is crammed with shredded memory foam and Bamboo zipper cover. This makes it uncomplicated to standardize circulation according to sleeping positions.

Sleepsia Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow
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