Is It Better For Your Neck To Sleep Without A Pillow?

If you are suffering from neck pain or stiffness, possibly you have tried everything that could help you but if you still didn’t felt enough relief, then using an orthopedic pillow or sleeping without a pillow might help you.

It’s found that unsuitable pillow can make the condition worsen and more painful. In such a situation, you might want to know whether sleeping without a pillow can ease the pain or not. In fact, the sleep type determines the pillow choice and the advantages and disadvantages of not using pillow differ from person to person.

Is It Better for Your Neck to Sleep Without a Pillow?

Sleeping without a pillow mostly can worsen your neck pain by twisting the neck position in a discomfort alignment. It is mostly recommended to select the right pillow suitable to the sleep position which alleviates the pain while sleeping. It allows your neck to rest in a comfortable and natural position.

However, Sleeping with a wrong pillow can lead to an inaccurate posture while you’re sleeping. Your head lifts too far from the mattress surface, twist your neck in painful position and your head juts upwards too much. This causes stiffness, cervical pain, and other sleep-related problems.

Side sleepers: should sleep with or without a pillow?

Although side sleepers are considered the healthiest position to sleep on, there are times when side sleepers have to face through a tough time due to neck pain and other sleep issues. A side sleeper requires a thick and supportive pillow that is as thick as the distance between the neck and shoulder. Contour pillows are designed for the side sleeper to ease neck and cervical pain.

A right pillow upholds the side sleeper’s neck and head aligned with the spine. The pillow that is too thick tilts the head up and neck out of alignment, whereas a pillow that is too-thin or too-soft tilt it down.

Back sleepers: should sleep with or without a pillow?

When sleeping on the back, a firm or innerspring mattress with small gaps naturally develop between the mattress & the lower back and also between the mattresses and neck. Sleeping without a pillow built uncomfortable space as the head sinks down into the pillow. A too-thick pillow generates an uncomfortably leaning of the head and the chin in the chest.

The back sleepers need low loft pillow to maintain the neck level with the spine. Memory foam pillow with infused gel supports the back sleeper with built-in neck shape and proper alignment. Moreover, a small pillow beneath the lumbar spine or thin pillow below the knees can both ease strain on the lower back.

Stomach sleepers: Should one sleep with or without a pillow?

Some stomach sleepers can truly benefit sleeping without a pillow or using a thin pillow. Though it reduces sleep apnea and snoring, stomach sleeping is least recommended sleeping position, since it inevitably forces to twist the head and neck out of the spine.

The physician recommends stomach sleepers to sleep with a low loft pillow or no pillow. Some people feel uncomfortable without a pillow, thus, an adjustable pillow-like Bamboo pillow is recommended.

With or without a pillow, stomach sleepers can benefit by placing a thin pillow beneath the hips.

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