Best & Worst Positions for Healthy Sleep

Best & Worst Positions for Healthy Sleep

Spending sleepless nights is a serious problem faced by more 50 % of the world population due to several reasons. Wrong sleep positions, an uncomfortable sleep component, and other health issues are some common reasons for insomnia. In fact, sleep determines the lifestyle and the health quality of every individual.

Why Is Sleeping Important?

Sleeping peacefully for minimum 6 to 8 hours is highly essential for a healthy mind and body. A sound sleep allows the brain to get ready for the next day and charges you from within to lead a fresh and stress-free life. Satisfactory sleep provides the body with a remedy to mend and restore the blood vessels and the heart, helping to alleviate many sleep issues.

A good sleep relaxes your body and assists it to construct an energetic immune system. In general, the sleep quality decides the mood for the entire day. Also, an individual who sleeps well has a glow on the face, makes better decisions, and is more healthy and creative.

Sleep Positions for Healthy Sleeping:

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleepers can benefit if they sleep on a thin pillow. Though it decreases sleep apnea and snoring, stomach sleeping is not usually recommended as it certainly twists the head and neck.

The Physicians usually recommend low loft pillows for the stomach sleepers to sleep on. One good thing of sleeping on stomach is that it eases snoring.

Tip: Stomach Sleeping is considered as the worst sleeping position, and experts usually recommend shifting to side position gradually or sleeping on a thin/adjustable pillow.

Sleeping On the Sides

Sleeping On the Sides

Studies say that most people choose to sleep on their side. It could either be the right side or left side or a relatively straighter angle. Side sleeping is said to be one of the healthiest sleep positions. At times, side sleepers have to face a hard time due to sleep issues. A side sleeper needs a thick and suitable pillow that is thick enough for the distance between the shoulder and neck. Cervical Contour pillows are suitable for the side sleepers and helps easing neck pain.

Tip: For better results, side sleeper should place the pillows between the knees to align it properly and relieve pain.

Sleeping On the Back

Sleeping on the Back

Back Sleeping is the best way to sleep. The back sleepers should use a low loft pillow to uphold the neck alignment with the spine. Infused gel memory foam pillow supports the back sleeper with contoured neck shape and spine alignment. The pillow raises your head slightly and works best for your health.

Sleeping on the back allocates body weight equally on the spine and guards your face. It eradicates the possibility of acid reflux or food returning to the digestive tract.

Cons: The side sleeping position is not recommended for those with a snore. The stomach and throat are dragged down by gravity, which makes it difficult to breath.

Tip: Use soft and comfortable memory foam pillows to sleep on. Keep one or two beneath your head to properly align your body.

Any Doubts?

Sleeping position and a suitable pillow are very essential to gain quality sleep. Uncomfortable position and wrong selection of pillow usually lead to several sleepless nights and other sleep related issues too. Thus, to avoid further complications switching to a suitable memory foam pillow is good.

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